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Thank you to ALL who auditioned.  Casting was based on a combination of auditions, preparation, etiquette, and grades.  Please know many people do not make their first production but audition again and are cast.  Do not be discouraged if you did not make this cast - there are many more shows that will happen in the future!


Noah Archer

Brynn Ayers

Alia Beseiso

Amanda Blodgett

Aspen Bork

DeNae Bumpus

Ethan Celestino

Haley Charville

Megan Dona

Ava Ford

Catie Gebers

Sarah Higginbotham

Maria Hoffman

Nathan Le *

Olivia Lemkin

Ciara Lieberman

Baylee Mallin

Sophia Nelson

Shana Philips

Tommy Pickle

Joe Pruss

Cristien Quartermen

Alex Retholtz

Malia Roehl

Audrey Rowland

David Schmenk

M. Schmidt

Haley Smith

Cara Soli

Judah Stasinos

Sydney Whaley

You will have a detailed cast list and rehearsal schedule at our first meeting WEDNESDAY 10/7.  If you have a job, please email Shep you work schedule for the next two weeks ASAP so she can create the rehearsal schedule.



Where to find information        

-        Callboard in theatre hallway


-        Facebook

-        Twitter

- texts – sign up by texting the message @Fame420 to 81010

Where to find information         

-        Callboard in theatre hallway


-        Facebook

-        Twitter


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